Events Information

Advanced Course on Biomechanics of the Trees



June 5-9, 2017

Conference Description:

The course is hosted by the Uniser Consortium and organised by the Department of AgriFood Production and Environmental  Sciences in cooperation with the Italian Society of Arboriculture and the Italian Society of Horticulture. Patronage has been also asked to the International Society of Arboriculture.

The course is dedicated to PhD students, postdoc scientists, researchers, professors, technicians and municipal arborists with a sound background in plant biology and arboriculture and will give an advanced knowledge and training on basic themes as well as research results related to plant physiology and biomechanics with special focus on plant stability.

English will be the official language. Simultaneous translation in Italian will be provided.

The course will included 18 hours of lectures and 6 hours of field work distributed over 4 days, starting Monday the 5th in the afternoon and ending Friday the 9th at lunchtime.

Featured Speakers:
  • Barry Gardiner
  • Bruno Moulia
  • Duncan Slater
  • Brian Kane
  • Frank Telewski
  • Edward Gilman


Before April 15th:

$400.00 - SOI / SIA / ISA Members
$470.00 - Non SOI / SIA / ISA Members

On or after April 16th:

$450.00 - SOI / SIA / ISA Members
$520.00 - Non SOI / SIA / ISA Members

For application information, agenda information and payment options please see attached flyer.