President's Perspective - Summer 2020

By Molly Sinnott on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

As this is my last President’s message, I’m thinking what’s next? What can be around the corner? 2020 so far has brought a pandemic, a webinar for just about everything, zoom board meetings, and now murder hornets!   Fortunately, tree work was considered an essential activity during the quarantine and while being careful, many of us were able to remain employed and conduct business as “usual”.

It has been an honor to serve as President of the WCISA. In a normal year, we would have already enjoyed another fantastic WCISA Annual Conference. This year’s was scheduled to be in Squaw Valley, 60 years after the Winter Olympics at that same location. I look forward to seeing you at the rescheduled 2020 WCISA Annual Conference in Squaw Valley, November 9-12.

I leave with a true sense of what an incredible Chapter we have. At the root of our Chapter is the most impressive Executive Director, Rose Epperson. I knew Rose before becoming president, but have a new found respect for her. Her devotion to the WCISA is mind boggling. And there is the Epicenter staff, who are incredible. They’re always there for the membership and do so much to ensure satisfaction. I am proud to call them friends.

The WCISA is in good hands with the Board of Directors you have voted in.  Our Chapter has been creative in ways to ensure our members are able to continue their arboriculture knowledge, achieve CEU’s and maintain their certifications. There are hard working Committee Chairpersons and members of the various committees that are actively involved with the Chapter. Think about joining one of these committees, it’s interesting how you find the time when there is such a feeling of accomplishment being involved.

We are beginning a new Chapter within our Chapter with a new editor for the Western Arborist magazine, Linda Chalker-Scott. Many of you may already know her from her Garden Professors Blog and from speaking at various arboriculture conferences. We are lucky to have her. For so many years we were fortunate to have had Bruce and Linda Hagen lead our award winning magazine. They will be missed, they were the Western Arborist. Best wishes to Bruce and Linda with what their future brings. 

To all members of the Western Chapter, I encourage you to stay rooted, and enjoy your career. We are fortunate to be in the field we’re in and rarely have I heard of someone disliking the opportunity to work with trees. Be sure to see your dermatologist; working outside in the elements is tough and can be dangerous to your skin. Use your sunscreen to try to stay ahead of the possibility of sun damage. Finally, we are in the midst of fire season so be sure to check your defensible space.

Enjoy your summer and see you in Squaw Valley!