President's Prospective Fall 2019

By Molly Sinnott on Friday, September 27, 2019

President’s perspective: The value of volunteering

Hello everyone!  It is hard for me to believe how fast the years have passed since I first became active in the Western Chapter. I’ve developed some lasting friendships with fellow professionals that I would probably never have met, had I not gotten involved in chapter activities by volunteering my time. My first experience with volunteering began before I had much experience as an arborist, I was asked to help organize a Regional Conference in Reno. Since I had planned to attend the conference, I agreed without giving it much thought. That was my start. That single opportunity allowed me to interact with the conference speakers, attendees, and the Western Chapter staff. That experience gave me the confidence, motivation, and knowhow to put on a Regional Conference in the Reno area for a number of years. From there, I became Chair of Regional Conferences, which further expanded my knowledge and allowed me to connect with a larger group of accomplished professionals who were volunteering their time to organize and coordinate educational meetings and events, to attend WCISA Board Meetings, to see how the Western Chapter functions, and to meet even more professionals within the organization. Over the years, there have been invaluable opportunities for me to work on several WCISA Annual Conference Committees, the 9th edition Plant Appraisal Guide Species Classification Committee, speak at conferences, mentor new arborists, and provide assistance to others arborists working to become certified. For me, the benefits from these opportunities have been immeasurable. I still take it as a compliment when a member asks for advice or help. Being elected to the WCISA Board was an honor, and ultimately becoming President an even greater honor. I’m thankful that I began volunteering in the early stages of my career. These opportunities have helped me immensely and provided a way for me to give back to our organization and improve the level of tree care within the organization and industry. I can’t emphasize enough the value, both personally and professionally, I’ve received by volunteering. There are many opportunities to offer your expertise, skills, and ideas to help shape the future and vision of the Western Chapter. Think about it —it’s incredibly rewarding. 

Molly Sinnott