The Chiricahua Rendezvous with Dr. Jim Downer

@ Southwestern Research Station
on Monday, October 08-12, 2018
in Portal , AZ

Conference Description:

 The sky islands are a group of mountain ranges in Southeastern Arizona that are isolated from each other by desert lowland scrub and grass-land plant communities. This area of the south-west is subject to summer monsoon weather patterns that supplies moisture to these isolated mountain ranges. The unique warm and wet climate and relative isolation of these ranges, their unique geological history and the alternat-ing dry and wet patterns have allowed for the development of biodiversity hot spots. The Chiricahua Mountain range is the largest of these sky islands and is the home of the SWRS field station (more on next panel about SWRS). Chiricahua trees are adapted to hot and dry climates and to heavy summer rain as well as occasional winter rain. These qualities make them ideal for study as candidates for cultivation in irrigated arid climate landscapes. The Chiricahuas also offer us a laboratory to examine tree adaptations and natural history up close. The high species diversity, unique land-forms, soils, abundance of insects and animals, and sheer beauty of this part of the American Southwest are unlike anything else in the world.


Registration includes all meals and lodging (dormitory style), handouts, book, seminars, and field trips for five days. The Meeting is held at the SWRS (Southwestern Research Station) of the American Museum of Natural History, Portal, Arizona. More information about SWRS can be found on their web page at:

The cost for full registration is $475.00. Additional nights can be arranged with the station if you wish to extend your stay with early arrival or late departure. The nearest airport is in Tucson approximately three-hour drive from the west. We will attempt to arrange a shuttle service if enough people require pick up. From the Los Angeles area in California, plan for a 10-12 hour drive. Local attendees can participate in the full program including meals but ex-cluding lodging for $255. There is a slight cost difference for Sunday versus Monday arrivals. To reserve your spot at the Rendezvous please contact Erin or Rose at SWRS (520-558-2396) and mail a check made out to SWRS to Southwestern Research Station, PO Box 16553, Portal, AZ 85632.

Twenty International Society of Arboriculture continuing education credits have been applied for.


Southwestern Research Station

Portal , AZ 85632