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on Thursday, May 06-Jul 01, 2021
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Natural Path Forestry presents

9 week Online BCMA Prep Course

The highest credential a member of the International Society of Arboriculture can achieve is the Board-Certified Master Arborist certification.  This course is designed to prepare practitioners for the BCMA exam through content lectures, discussion, exercises, review, and self-assessments.  The course consists of nine, 3-hour modules presented over nine consecutive weeks.  The BCMA Guide for Exam Preparation provides the framework for instruction.

The time and money any one individual invest to prepare for the BCMA exam can be considerable.  Understanding this, Mark created a training experience that strives to reinforce participant strengths and identify areas of needed concentration.  The primary goal is to provide participants with the tools to think critically within the scenarios provided in the exam.  The structure of the course was designed to facilitate these ends.

  1. Registrants will complete and submit the preliminary assessment from the BCMA Guide at the course’s onset. Mark will review and discuss the results of this preliminary assessment with each registrant in preparation for the course.
  2. Participants will complete and submit chapter practice questions at the end of each module.
  3. An analysis of responses from the previous module’s exams will be presented and reviewed at the beginning of the subsequent module.
  4. Course participants will complete and submit the practice exam from the BCMA Guide at the series’ end.
  5. After the course’s completion participants will confer with Mark to review their practice exam results. of the course and submission of the sample exam answer sheet, Mark will schedule a one-on-one conversation with each participant.  Mentoring will include recommendations for additional study prior to the scheduled exam.


The course will be offered in nine modules on consecutive Thursdays in May, June, and July for a fee of six hundred and twenty-five dollars ($625 US).  The schedule for the nine – 3-hour modules are:

  • Module 1 (May 6th) – Tree Biology & Biotic Disorders
  • Module 2 (May 13th) – Abiotic Disorders & Tree Preservation
  • Module 3 (May 20th) – Plant Identification, Selection & Installation
  • Module 4 (May 27th) – Soil Science, Treatment & Water Relations
  • Module 5 (June 3rd) – Climbing, Rigging, Removal & Support
  • Module 6 (June 10th) – Plant Health Care & Diagnostic Processes
  • Module 7 (June 17th) – Tree Inventory & Management Plans
  • Module 8 (June 24th) – Risk Assessment & Plant Appraisal
  • Module 9 (July 1st) – Business Relations & Safety Management

To accommodate different time zones and international colleagues, each module will be) -provided twice daily according to the schedule below:

  • Module A – 13:00 (EDT) (GMT -4)
  • Module B – 19:00 (EDT) (GMT -4)


Participants will have access to the nine modules, webinar materials, and a certificate of participation.  Twenty-seven (27) International Society of Arboriculture CEU’s are assigned to this course.


There are three ways to register for this session.  All registrants will receive an access code a week prior to the scheduled session.

  1. Registering by check:

Complete the registration form (found below) and submit with full payment to:

Duntemann Urban Forestry

PO Box 163

South Royalton, VT 05068

  1. Registering by Invoice:

If you wish to be invoiced, complete the registration form (found below), scan, and email to  All payments must be received by Friday, April 30th 2021

  3. Register Online 

Use the link above


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Online Event

This is an online event,