Frequently Asked Questions

When you have registered for a Regional Meeting or Annual Conference, or you have added a new Membership to your shopping cart we need to know who you are before you can proceed.

  1. For each meeting you have added to the cart, click on the Enter Attendee Info link
  2. Fill out the form with the pertinent information, ie. Name, Address, Phone, Special Dietary Needs for the individual being registered
  3. If you are a member and you are logged in, this information will populate automatically for you
  4. Click the Register button
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each registration and membership you have added to the cart
  6. After all registrations have been completed, the green button under the sub total will be enabled and you will be able to continue to the next page to enter your payment info

To finalize your order you must enter your payment information

  1. Payee Information - Should be automatically filled in, if not enter all pertinent information
  2. Billing Address - If the billing address is different, please update
  3. Order Summary - Review a summary of your entire shopping cart
  4. Payment Method - Select your Credit Card Type, Enter your CC#, Exp Month/Year, Cvv2 either on the back or front of your card
  5. Once everything is filled out, click Place Your Order
  6. If everything goes through correctly you will receive a receipt by email otherwise fix any info that may be a problem